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Our comprehensive, all-inclusive Basic Training in EMDR provides clinically focused training. Training sessions are offered in four modules spread over 12 weeks

This comprehensive training will enable you to:

  • learn basic and advanced EMDR concepts and procedures
  • integrate EMDR Therapy into your clinical practice
  • understand the effects of trauma and how to stabilize dissociative clients
  • formulate strong and clear case conceptualizations of your clients
  • experience a paced learning environment & training curriculum
  • receive in-depth 1:1 feedback and support
  • learn in small class sizes

What we offer:

Evidence-based, post-graduate education and training in the diagnosis and treatment of survivors of trauma and neglect through proven workshops and home study programs.

Our complete EMDRIA Approved Training package includes:

  • lectures and discussion
  • experiential learning
  • all EMDRIA required consultation hours

Discounted rates for students, interns, non-profit agency employees, and those refreshing their EMDR training

We also offer:

  • Advanced EMDR training programs
  • Quick links to other EMDRIA accredited home study and distance learning programs
  • Consultation on the clinical use of EMDR Therapy

One comprehensive course
One all-inclusive fee

Our complete range of offerings:

Comprehensive, clinically focused, Basic Training in EMDR Therapy.

Here are links to our Training Schedule, Visual Overview, Registration Forms, and frequently asked questions and answers about our EMDR training.

In-depth, non-judgmental, and supportive consultation are available to deepen your knowledge and increase your confidence. Consultations address key issues such as:

Case Formulation and Treatment Planning; Target Sequencing; the AIP Model; the EMDR Standard Procedural Steps; Dissociative screening; and Standard, Modified and Advanced EMDR Procedures.

Advanced EMDR therapy training programs for those who have completed an EMDRIA Approved Basic Training in EMDR therapy. Coming soon.

Consultation provided for:

  1. EMDRIA Certification
  2. Consultant-in-Training
  3. Working with Complex Cases
  4. Dissociative Disorders
  5. Children and Adolescents

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