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Why Choose Us

One Comprehensive Program

  • Eight or twelve full days of clinically focused training
  • Four Training Sessions over 12 weeks
  • Learn basic and advanced EMDR protocols and concepts
  • Integrate EMDR Therapy into your clinical practice

Our comprehensive program will prepare you to successfully integrate EMDR Therapy into your clinical practice. We teach basic and advanced EMDR protocols and concepts to give you the strongest foundation possible.

Let's Compare

The EMDR Center of Canada
  • Eight full days of in person training
  • Twelve full days of virtual training
  • Expanded curriculum
  • Paced learning environment
  • 60+ hours of training
  • Advanced protocols and concepts
  • Comprehensive program
  • Small class sizes
  • Exceeds EMDRIA requirements
  • Six days of training
  • Compressed curriculum
  • Accelerated learning environment
  • 50 hours of training
  • Basic protocols and concepts
  • Basic program
  • Larger class sizes
  • Meets EMDRIA requirements

The EMDR Center of Canada is committed to providing high quality training to mental health clinicians.

We utilize a comprehensive program that gives you multiple opportunities to integrate and practice your newly learned skills, review essential concepts, and receive in-depth feedback for honing your skills. We’re serious when it comes to EMDR Therapy and want to set you up for success.

Our methods and training curriculum are superior and set us apart from other programs.

Emphasis on Case Conceptualization

The EMDR Center of Canada teaches EMDR as it was originally developed by Francine Shapiro – through Case Conceptualization. With our training, you will learn three powerful models by which to conceptualize your client’s issues:

AIP Model

Attachment Theory

The Theory of Structural Dissociation

Understanding how to conceptualize your clients’ issues is the way Francine Shapiro taught EMDR. With our training, you will learn exactly where your clients’ issues stem from, and will learn how to resolve them. With our training, you won’t be left guessing what to do next.

Completion Rate

The EMDR Center of Canada uses the same EMDR Training curriculum as the Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute.

The Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute’s completion rates* are 100%

* With 100% completion rates for those who complete the training within 12 months of attending the first program module, Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute’s are superior.


The EMDR Center of Canada wants you to succeed. When looking at various programs, it’s important to consider that every EMDR training program has a different rate of completion. When it comes to completion rates – the percentage of those who start training in EMDR and who go on to complete all basic training requirements and receive certificates of completion – we are at the top. Many training programs leave participants “half trained”; this can be costly in terms of money and time invested. As you consider your training options, be sure to ascertain completion rates. You’ll find that our completion rates rank at the top! It’s our goal to help you succeed in your EMDR training!

Documentation of program completion is required:

  • to accurately attest to having been “trained in EMDR”
  • to become a full clinical member of the EMDR International Association
  • to be eligible to pursue advanced EMDRIA recognition as a clinician Certified in EMDR or as an EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Consultation is Included

  • Face-to-Face consultation supports excellent learning
  • Expert consultation on case conceptualizationis woven throughout Training Sessions 2, 3 and 4
  • No need for additional consultation sessions

Our comprehensive program includes all required hours of consultation in order for you to complete your Basic Training in EMDR.

Once you have completed your Basic Training in EMDR, clinicians are strongly encouraged to seek ongoing consultation in order to become Certified EMDR Therapists. Becoming a Certified EMDR Therapist gives you a designation which shows prospective clients you are a skilled EMDR Therapist, and it indicates you have met the necessary criteria for such recognition.

A Healing Space to Learn

  • Relaxed, inviting classroom environments
  • Lush green space
  • Free parking
  • Lunch, snacks, and refreshments provided

As mental health clinicians, we know how important it is to feel as comfortable as possible when we learn. The lush green space and large bright windows at our in-person training sites will help you feel grounded and relaxed during lecture, consultation, and practice. We provide an in-house gourmet lunch, as well as all snacks and refreshments throughout each training day. Supportive staff will help facilitate your learning.

Did you know the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) does not provide EMDR trainings?

While EMDRIA sets the standards and requirements for EMDR Trainings, they do not actually teach these trainings. EMDRIA leaves it up to each individual training provider to determine the training curriculum of each training offered. EMDRIA sets forth the minimum requirements that need to be met in an EMDRIA Approved Training; therefore, the developer of a specific training curriculum can enhance or expand any portion as they see fit. As a result, the training format and overall length of each training will vary depending on the training provider. Click here to read more about EMDRIA’s frequently asked training questions.

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