Get lasting, long term results

Comprehensive 8-day Basic EMDR Training


EMDR Therapy can permanently
resolve your clients' symptoms,
and bring forth lasting change


Do you struggle to obtain results with your clients?

Does it feel like no matter what you do, your clients resist change, and are not getting better?  

EMDR Therapy is a powerful, results-oriented therapeutic approach that will significantly reduce your clients' symptoms, and help them to heal in deep and profound ways.


EMDR is not just a technique

It is an internationally recognizedevidence-based treatment and therapy used for a wide variety of issues and conditions


Unlike other trainings, The EMDR Center of Canada offers 8 full days of clinically focused evidence-based training in EMDR Therapy.

With our training, you will learn advanced EMDR concepts and procedures to diagnose and treat survivors of trauma and neglect.

We will deepen your understanding, and help you learn to recognize the insidious effects of the trauma and neglect so prevalent in our society today. 


Learning EMDR in its purest form is how you will obtain results with your clients every single time


What you may not know is that not every EMDR training is the same.

At The EMDR Center of Canada, we teach EMDR in its purest form. We teach EMDR exactly the way Francine Shapiro, its originator, had intended EMDR to be taught: through Case Conceptualization.

We will teach you step-by-step how to precisely determine the origin of your clients' presenting issues, and how to successfully utilize EMDR to resolve their issues so you work effectively and efficiently every single time.

With our training, you won't be left wondering what to do with your clients.


Our comprehensive, all-inclusive training will:

  • teach you how to successfully use EMDR to permanently resolve your client's symptoms

  • give you the confidence to work with complex cases

  • help you understand the effects of trauma

  • enable you to integrate EMDR successfullyinto your clinical practice  



When you register for our
EMDR International Association Approved Training, you can feel confident knowing you will be receiving a superior EMDR Training experience


Are you ready to transform your career and practice?



This training has been approved for 47.5 CEs for Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Social Workers. WMHCA Provider #1907

The EMDR Center of Canada

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